Fort Pitt Developments Inc. is locally owned and managed. Lloydminster is our home and our community. We began in 2007 during a time of opportunity to provide much-needed building space for new and existing businesses. We are passionate about business – it is the backbone of our community. We are proud to be building businesses and developing communities.

The name Fort Pitt Developments Inc. was chosen as it reflects the values of hard work, perseverance, strength in community and working together, that the District of Fort Pitt (north of Lloydminster) is renowned for. These are the values that the owners of Fort Pitt Developments Inc. operate our business by.

The District of Fort Pitt, our namesake was established as a trading post in 1829 by the Hudson’s Bay Company, on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River north of Lloydminster. It continues to exist today as a strong and thriving agriculture community today. What we started in 2007 as a small commercial development also continues today as a vibrant and professional shopping centre home to 18 businesses, all working together to achieve their goals while contributing to the broader Lloydminster region that they serve.

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